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In this photo taken by Amy Turner of the U.S. Army, Brig. Gen. Antoinette Gant speaks at the Center of Influence dinner during the 38th annual BEYA Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on February 17, 2024.

This week, the Department of the Army launched its first-ever marketing campaign aimed at promoting Army Civilian Careers.

The campaign titled “Find Your Next Level” showcases the unique career paths available for those seeking to make an impact at scale or looking for new career challenges, highlighting the vital skills and expertise that Army Civilians bring to make the Army successful.

According to Brig. Gen. Antoinette Gant, chief of the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, today’s workforce seeks meaningful careers, but few see Army Civilian Careers as a source of those opportunities.

The “Find Your Next Level” campaign aims to bridge this gap by demonstrating how professionals can apply their real-world job skills to impactful projects and careers that can’t be found anywhere else.

Army Civilians play a critical role in the success of the Army, using their skills across over 500 career paths in many fields such as contracting, finance, cybersecurity, engineering, and beyond.

With over 265,000 employees, the Army Civilian workforce is one of the largest groups of Civilian employees within the Department of Defense, dating back to the founding of our country in 1776.

Peter Hosutt, acting director of the Army’s Civilian Human Resources Agency, pointed out that Army Civilians benefit from professional advancement and long-term stability through a wide range of careers.

Civilians also receive comprehensive training opportunities that allow them to grow existing professional skills and cultivate new ones, ensuring continuous growth on a path of their choosing while serving our nation.

The “Find Your Next Level” campaign showcases two campaign videos that highlight the overall scale and impact of civilian roles and the opportunities that await civilians seeking careers with purpose.

The first video, “Boxes,” captures an Army Civilian physical scientist and his team as they drill into the ice to take ice core samples, demonstrating the unique and global nature of a Civilian career.

The second video, “Sky,” shows an Army Civilian satellite engineer working at an expansive satellite array with a team of people, transforming an intimate working moment into a high-scale project.

Both videos were inspired by the career experiences of real Army Civilians who served as subject matter experts on the campaign to guarantee the accurate portrayal of featured careers.

The “Find Your Next Level” campaign will feature across national media, including television, print, digital billboards, streaming video, social platforms, and audio channels to encourage today’s workforce to imagine what the future of their career might look like with the Department of the Army.

The “Boxes” video will also be distributed in Spanish to capture a wider audience and showcase the dynamic environment of the Department of the Army.

The campaign’s launch coincides with the debut of a new Army Civilian brand, which includes a new Army Civilian logo and supporting creative elements reflective of the overall Army brand launched in 2023.


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