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Anthony Crutchfield holds a vital role in national security. His educational journey, spanning from Marshall University to Webster University and finally, the Army War College, has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of national defense issues, leading him to his current position at Boeing.

As the Vice President of Boeing Army Systems at The Boeing Company, he demonstrates the qualities of integrity, excellence, clear vision, superior performance, and loyalty.

His commitment to excellence ensures that the systems developed under his leadership are of the highest quality, significantly contributing to the future of defense. His ability to navigate complex challenges and his dedication to his work have made him a valuable asset to Boeing and an inspiration to many in the field.

During his acceptance speech at the BEYA awards, his colleagues cheered as he joked, “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a flashlight welcome before.”

He continued by expressing his gratitude for receiving such a prestigious honor and wished that his parents could have been present to share the moment. He acknowledged the foundation of service that his parents had instilled in him and how it had shaped his life.

He thanked his Boeing teammates for their support and encouragement, acknowledging the impact they have made in the world and their communities.

Finally, he thanked his wife, his high school sweetheart, for her unwavering support throughout their 43-year marriage, which allowed him to serve in uniform for 34 years. He expressed his gratitude for her love, which had been a vital source of strength and inspiration throughout his life.

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