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Sharing resources collectively is crucial for organizations of all sizes and types to accelerate innovation and address environmental and health resource challenges. Career Communications Group recently hosted a seminar to promote sustainable practices by embracing the Green Circular Economy. Take a listen here

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The aim was to adopt circular sustainability in manufacturing, product development, and global supply chain ecosystems. The seminar featured speakers such as Donna Bell, EVP of Product Creation, Engineering, and Supply Chain at Lordstown Motors, and Andre Welch, Director of Federal Affairs at Ford Motor Company.

The Circular Economy is explored as a global innovation ecosystem that aims to convert waste and natural resources into sustainable ecosystems.

This provides an alternative to traditional environmental practices by advocating for innovative waste and resource cycling, remanufacturing, and cost reduction. Industry 4.0 has contributed to the Circular Economy, which aims to mitigate climate impacts, food security, global supply chains, and weather-related events by recycling waste.

The speakers discussed the strategy and value of circular innovation, its positive impact on our planet and well-being, the benefits of innovative recycling and remanufacturing of goods and products, the best practice approaches towards developing an organization-wide circular strategy and culture, and how sustainability can be implemented into the core design and development process to produce measurable green outcomes. Take a listen here.

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