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Career Communications Group recently organized a seminar titled “Licensure as a Professional Engineer – Its Value and the Steps to Take.”

The panel comprised Eric Fonville, a development engineer at General Motors, and Commander LaKeeva Gunderson, an operations officer assigned to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic. During the seminar, they discussed the methods and reasons for obtaining a professional engineer license.

A professional engineer is a person who has fulfilled all the requirements of the law and is licensed to practice engineering in a specific state or U.S. territory.

The seminar was designed to provide participants with the necessary information to obtain professional licensure and an understanding of the responsibilities that come with it.

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will have a better understanding of the importance of being a licensed professional engineer, the steps involved in the registration process, and the responsibilities that come with maintaining the license.

Additionally, the seminar covered the principles of standard care in engineering.

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