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Ted Colbert, who was honored as the 2022 Black Engineer of the Year, played a pivotal role in launching Boeing into the Web 3.0 era through his leadership in developing the digital twin Initiative. Recently, during a Career Communications Group event, The Boeing Company presented a seminar that delved deeper into the BEYA Conference theme of “Becoming Everything You Are.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on our lives, altering the way we learn, work, and interact with each other. According to Forbes, the pandemic accelerated the timeline for digital transformation, turning 2020 into 2025.

Remote working, virtual communication, distance learning, and online experiences have all risen significantly, underscoring the importance of cloud computing, data & analytics, mobility, and digital experience across all industries. However, Boeing faces the challenge of building a workforce capable of meeting these demands.

While digital occupations have seen record-breaking pay, the tech industry has also experienced a downturn, leading to widespread layoffs. The task of preparing, recruiting, retaining, and optimizing such a workforce is not without its challenges. Join Boeing leaders as they share their insights on how to thrive in this environment.

The BEYA discussion panel featured Dr. Pamela Obiomon, dean of engineering at Prairie View A&M University, along with several Boeing executives: Evelyn Moore, director of engineering and chief engineer for F/A-18 & EA-18G programs; Mark Cleary, executive director of Boeing research ad technology materials & manufacturing tech; Bernice Billups, director of Boeing global engagements; Manuel Tiggs, vice president of 737 manufacturing operations, and David Cade, vice president of U.S. Government Services Business. Transformation for The Boeing Company.

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