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This week, we are looking at seminars that teach college students valuable skills such as goal-setting, active reading, and test-taking. Effective time management is also covered. Participants will also learn how to present themselves well in person, on social media, and with their resume.

This seminar provides college students with valuable skills to improve their study habits, including goal-setting, identifying learning styles, active reading, and organizing study materials. Speakers include Malika Grayson, Jasmine Kilpatrick, Jerrod Henderson, and Sonia Henry.

When starting college, most students agree that they need to learn how to study properly. This seminar will focus on preparatory study principles, such as goal-setting, identifying your learning style, active reading, participation in study groups, organizing notes and study materials, and writing drafts of papers.

These principles can help all students improve their study skills and perform better. After attending this seminar, participants will be able to identify successful studying traits, generate methods for achieving successful studying habits, and outline methods for implementing successful studying techniques.

The seminar will feature speakers Malika Grayson, program manager at Northrop Grumman Corporation, Jasmine Kilpatrick, a quality specialist at The Boeing Company, Jerrod Henderson from the University of Houston, and Sonia Henry, director at The Aerospace Corporation.

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