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At a recent event hosted by the Career Communications Group, General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) organized a seminar called “Calling All Innovators”. GDMS is a technology integrator and original equipment manufacturer that provides mission-critical solutions to those who lead, serve and protect our world. They specialize in domains such as land, sea, air, space, and cyber.

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GDMS customers rely on them to provide creative solutions to constantly evolving and challenging problems. To stay ahead of competitors, they leverage their workforce to address these challenges quickly and efficiently. The GDMS Internal Challenge was created to make top business challenges visible to all employees, allowing those with the right skills and drive to collaborate with top technical leaders to solve them.

Additionally, General Dynamics connects with external organizations that provide solutions to important challenges, including expert problem solvers inside and outside the industry. Through these actions, General Dynamics can incorporate and expand its cutting-edge technologies and products, extending them to customers.

During the seminar, General Dynamics shared innovative best practices for solving tough problems in technology, collaborating with top technical leaders in the industry, engaging top performers in cutting-edge research activities, and conducting virtual systems integration and testing.

When COVID-19 restrictions affected travel and lab participation for customers, GD engineers found smart ways to continue to meet and exceed customer needs through Virtual Systems Integration & Test. The session covered techniques to conduct successful VSI&T, such as key components of VSI&T, presentation/electronic records, parallel testing tracks, and minimizing testing errors. The speakers included Shawn Roberts, senior principal software engineer, and Ali Abubakar, deputy program manager of engineering, both from General Dynamics.

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