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With the advancement of technology, individuals are now faced with an overwhelming amount of information and data. Businesses are inundated with feedback from both internal and external sources. It can be challenging to make sense of all the information and determine its reliability.

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A seminar titled “Turning Information into Reliable Data: Tools and Techniques to Interpret, Organize, and Increase Reliable Business Results” was recently held by Career Communications Group. This seminar aims to provide participants with the tools and techniques needed to turn information overload into reliable data that can be used to achieve organizational goals.

The panel included Jeannice Fairer Samani, executive leader of Fairrer Samani Group, Kristy Bridges, systems engineer manager at Lockheed Martin, and Nancy Morgan, assistant DNI for information and data in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will be able to assess and categorize data and information, identify tools and techniques to organize and interpret data, explore productivity tools and techniques, and examine common data management challenges and solutions.

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