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There are more than 400 American bases located in 80 different countries around the world. These bases face many different risks, including flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and environmental pollution. They also struggle with outdated water systems and electrical grids, as well as aging airfields. Unfortunately, these challenges are only getting worse due to climate change and budgetary limitations.

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Despite these obstacles, the United States remains a leader in artificial intelligence, simulation, and 3D technology. In particular, the ability of simulation centers to work with public-private partnerships has been a cornerstone of this leadership.

To learn more about the groundbreaking work being done, check out the Engineering Challenges and Opportunities Infrastructure seminar hosted by Career Communications Group.

During this seminar, experts discussed the challenges of addressing recurring infrastructure issues, managing risks, and overseeing new and existing programs. They also talked about executing federal priorities related to climate change, equity, and resilience in infrastructure.

Other topics included coordinating effectively to deliver Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act programs, maximizing workforce efficiency and engagement, and more.

The speakers included George Ramsey, senior program manager for veteran outreach and diversity recruiting at Micron; Ernest Levert, Sr., rocket engineer at Lockheed Martin Corporation; Adrienne Somerville, director of command operations group at NAVAIR Systems Command HQ; and John Meyers, executive director of Naval Air Warfare Training Systems Division.

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