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Recently, Career Communications Group organized a seminar called “Opportunities in Fintech”. The panelists included Tisha Hammond, CEO of Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC, and Monica Emerson, National Chair of the Women of Color STEM Conference.

The widespread use of technology in the workforce has brought about significant changes in every aspect of our lives, especially finance.
Fintech is an integral part of our daily routine, whether it’s buying a cup of coffee with your iPhone or handling complex financial data.

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With a whopping $31.6 billion investment in the U.S. and an additional $18.1 billion globally in the last five years, Fintech is one of the hottest technology sectors.

Despite the influx of new software applications and financial investments being made to secure financial sectors, women still need to make gains in the market.

Fintech companies lack female leaders to drive business into the next decade. However, talent is available, and financial institutions have plenty of opportunities to close the gap.

If you don’t want to miss out on knowing how top executives in the Fintech industry are working to locate talented women who can improve financial institutions and keep our technological border walls safe, then this session is for you!

You will learn why there is a need for women in Fintech and what financial and technological industries are doing to locate talented STEM professionals to close the gender gap in their industries.

By the end of this session, you will be able to understand the challenges the Fintech industry is facing in the changing financial landscape, examine the steps financial institutions are taking to locate and recruit top female talent to improve their workforce and explain how Fintech companies will retain top talent and populate the pipeline.

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