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The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to responsible artificial intelligence (AI) innovation that prioritizes the safety and rights of people, while also managing potential risks to society, security, and the economy. To achieve this goal, the administration has proposed an AI Bill of Rights, a roadmap for a National AI Research Resource, and investments in AI research and development. (Photo stock credit: Depositphotos).

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Moreover, the White House has recently released an updated National AI R&D Strategic Plan and is seeking input on national priorities for managing potential AI risks. The White House is also hosting a listening session with workers to better understand the impacts of automated technologies that monitor and track them.

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes the potential benefits of AI in education but emphasizes the importance of safety measures and appropriate guardrails to mitigate algorithmic bias.

In a recent episode of The Daily podcast, Cade Metz, a technology correspondent for The New York Times, interviewed Geoffrey Hinton, who is widely recognized as a pioneer of AI technology. Hinton played a key role in the development of chatbots such as ChatGPT. However, he now expresses concern about the potential harm that AI could cause if it were to be used as a weapon to spread disinformation.

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