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Career fairs are a great way for students and job seekers to connect with employers. According to Career Fair Plus, the best months for career fairs are September and February, which are the beginning of the academic year and after winter break, respectively.

During these months, students are typically energized and eager to learn and connect. Additionally, graduating students are looking for full-time job opportunities, and others are focused on securing summer internships.

Career Communications Group (CCG) hosts year-round career events, with some of the most popular being the Women of Color STEM Conference (October 2023) and the BEYA STEM Conference in February.

CCG also facilitates internships that students can apply for. To apply for summer internships, it’s important to start the application process as early as November and no later than January.

In today’s world where interactions can be quick, virtual, or based on text, it is important to represent oneself well. This section of the seminar focuses on how to convey your best self in person, on social media, and with your resume.

Participants will hear from communications, recruiting, and hiring experts to learn how to position themselves better. The speakers are Channing Wright, research engineering manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation; Katherine Trinidad, director of communications, Lockheed Martin Corporation; Morizel Hodges, IT program staff, Lockheed Martin Corporation; Ericka Perry, Staff HR Technical, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The seminar “Interview Skills that Get You Hired!” offers participants techniques for promoting themselves during interviews. It’s important to establish a positive and professional representation during an interview to increase your chances of success.

The seminar covers the standard interview questions, how to prepare your answers, what information you need to know for every interview, how to answer tough questions, good questions to ask your interviewer, and what to do after the interview. It also covers common interview mistakes to avoid.

Speakers at the seminar include Michael Taylor, COO of Talent & Technical Solutions Corporation; Adrienne Somerville, former director of Command Operations Group at NAVAIR Systems Command HQ; and Patience Idegwu, business process data analyst for The Boeing Company.

By mastering interview training materials and expanding your expectations of the questions asked during an interview, you can give yourself an incredible advantage over other applicants and create new opportunities for career development in your industry.

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