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Adell Coleman’s Feature Friday highlights Black, Indigenous People of Color in Podcasting. Today’s feature is Yhane Washington Smith, the creator of Harlem Queen, a podcast that highlights the achievements of Black women in history. (Photo contributor: Zerbor, Shutterstock.com)

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Yhane aims to entertain, educate, empower, and uplift her listeners through her audio dramas. She emphasizes the importance of investing in quality audio design and editing to create a captivating audio experience.

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Adell Coleman, DCP Entertainment’s COO, specializes in distributing podcasts for underserved communities. Adell is also the host of the Say Their Name podcast and curates Your Podcast Playlist, a newsletter showcasing the different roles of BIPOC creators in podcasting. BlkPodNews™, the go-to trade paper for black podcast creatives and professionals, has over 1,000 subscribers.

Source: Feature Friday: Yhane Washington Smith by ADELL COLEMAN, JUN 9, 2023

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