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Tresha Lacaux is vice president for the Boeing 777X and the chief project engineer at the Boeing Company.

She has had a notable career in the aerospace industry, having previously overseen the technical and safety aspects of a fleet of over a thousand commercial and military derivative 767 aircraft, which has accumulated over one hundred and eighty million flight hours.

Lacaux’s leadership skills extend to guiding over 1,300 engineers and managers and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

In 2024, at the BEYA STEM Conference, Lacaux was recognized with an award for her contributions.

While receiving the award, she thanked the BEYA Selection Committee, her colleagues, and her mentors for acknowledging the intersection of technical innovation and diversity.

She stated, “To me, this award represents our commitment to pushing boundaries in technological advancement and fostering inclusivity.”

Lacaux further added that innovation thrives in diverse environments. She believes that such environments help to overcome the toughest challenges.

Being the engineering leader for the Boeing 777X, Lacaux is proud that their airplanes will set new standards for fuel efficiency, environmental performance, and passenger experience.

She believes that none of this would be possible without an inclusive environment.

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