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The BEYA Annual Stars and Stripes Dinner was held on Friday, February 16th, in Baltimore, MD. The theme for the 2024 BEYA Stars and Stripes event is “Pillars of Influence: Strength, Support, Honor.” This message reflects high regard, respect, and capacity.

The BEYA Stars and Stripes is an essential event during the annual BEYA STEM Conference hosted by US Black Engineer Magazine. The magazine is a flagship publication of Career Communications Group.

The founding members of Stars and Stripes started the tradition with a breakfast event during the three-day conference two decades ago.

Since then, the veteran group of Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) winners has honored service members at a yearly dinner to celebrate Black History Month and National Engineers Week in February.

Past honorees include Lloyd J. Austin III, the 28th Secretary of Defense, who served more than 40 years in the United States Army, and Vincent K. Brooks, a retired Army general who served as the chief of Army public affairs at The Pentagon.

In addition to honoring veterans, the committee also awards scholarships to students who excel in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Over the past decade, BEYA Stars and Stripes has launched several new impactful initiatives. Retired Vice Admiral Walt Davis served as the committee chair after BEYA Stars and Stripe’s emeritus chairman and retired General Johnnie Wilson. Davis co-founded the BEYA Stars and Stripes Capstone during his eight-year tenure, followed by the BEYA Stars and Stripes Career Day.

He also originated the global health security seminar series at Career Communications Group (CCG) events. Davis is the co-founder of the BEYA Stars and Stripes Sustained Mentoring Program and played a crucial role in implementing the Stars and Stripes BEYA digital twin experience (DTX) and integrating BEYA Stars and Stripes into the Career Communications Group (CCG) STEM City USA metaverse.

The Veterans issue of US Black Engineer magazine features top-ranking service members who host the annual BEYA Stars and Stripes event during the BEYA Conference.

This year’s edition featured top National Guard generals, including Major General Janeen L. Birckhead, who currently serves as the 31st Adjutant General of the Maryland National Guard. Relive the 2024 event on YouTube.

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