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In response to the recent wildfires in Maui, Reverend Dr. Medgar L. Reid has taken on the role of Mayor and Coordinator of STEM City Hawaii/Pacific Islands. This innovative initiative is part of STEM City USA’s efforts to provide disaster relief to affected areas.

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Rev. Reid is a respected leader in Hawaii, known for his commitment to community service and extensive educational background. As a service-connected disabled Marine veteran, he is a distinguished fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine and holds an honorary Doctorate in Metaphysical Theology.

With Reid’s leadership, STEM City Hawaii/Pacific Islands can efficiently coordinate resources, aid, and support for those affected by the Maui wildfires.

The platform, accessible at hawaii.stemcityusa.com, leverages the potential of the Metaverse to streamline disaster relief operations and expedite the efficient distribution of critical resources and information.

The initiative also includes a 24/7 teleconferencing feature, provided at no cost, to offer essential information and emotional support during these challenging times.

Tyrone Taborn, a spokesperson for STEM City USA, highlighted the importance of Dr. Reid’s leadership in guiding the relief efforts. As Hawaii’s communities work together to recover from the wildfires, STEM City Hawaii/Pacific Islands, under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Reid, stands as a beacon of hope and support.

STEM City USA continues to set the standard for digital solutions that make a positive impact, and their efforts in disaster relief are no exception.

Reid is a well-known public speaker on topics such as religion and spirituality. In 2013, he graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine’s Successful Aging Fellowship Program. His work focused on expanding neurocognitive capacity and brain health through therapy and creative visualization in storytelling.

Rev. Reid is a certified mental health first aid instructor on the board of directors with The Black Mental Health Alliance. He is also a stress elimination advising consultant to a network of businesses.

Reid is a conduit to authorities in sales, marketing, strategy, and compliance solutions to clients in a variety of sectors, primarily through the biotechnology and health, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture and environment portfolios.

Rev. Reid is also a graduate of many leadership programs, including Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security Private Intelligence.

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