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Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd is the chair of the Career Communications Group Alumni Association, which brings together winners of Black Engineer of the Year and Women of Color STEM awards.

Dr. Boyd is an engineer and advocate for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

Boyd earned a bachelor’s degree from Alabama State University with a major in mathematics and a double minor in physics and music. She was the first black woman to earn a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Yale University.

Recently, Dr. Boyd spoke to CCG media and described how she became an engineer.

“I always loved math. I always loved solving problems. I enjoyed the intricacies; the challenge of problem-solving. The creativity that goes into finding a new way to solve an old problem. That’s why I was a math major as an undergraduate.

“I’d never met an engineer, but in talking with some of my professors and figuring out what I wanted to do, some of them encouraged me to look into engineering. Because I could combine my love for math and physics and problem-solving. And being a good community servant. Those of us who work in the areas of STEM are also solving the problems of our generation. When we look at things that are part of our lives today, we know there were many who were asking the question what if?”

Click here to listen.

Career Communications Group’s (CCG) Black Engineer magazine provides a front-row seat to people and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

A new publication from CCG’s Foundation for Educational Development, Inc. (FEDI) features stories that teach students how to build a career plan step by step.

Becoming an Engineer: A Practical and Creative Guide to Planning a Career in Engineering was launched at CCG’s Women of Color magazine’s STEM Conference in Detroit. The publication is designed to introduce young readers to the exciting world of engineering.

“Any STEM conversation with young people should start with one question: What is engineering? This practical career guide has real-life stories to inspire young people as they plan their engineering future. That is what Becoming an Engineer is all about,” said CCG publisher and CEO Tyrone Taborn.

“We created this publication to help mentors have a meaningful conversation with young people on how to become a scientist or engineer, and encourage our professionals, mentors, and organizations to use this guide as they reach out to our youth throughout the year,” Taborn said.

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