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Sonia Suber is Vice president, Relationship Management-Information Systems, and Technology for Sodexo, a global leader in quality of life services. She has pioneered several proprietary solutions that have been incorporated as part of Sodexo’s products.

She oversaw the development of the “At Your Request Room Service Dining” application, which allows hospital patients to order what they want when they want, an innovation that garnered popularity soon after its introduction.

Suber’s team also introduced the first Operational Dashboard, a solution that provided real-time metrics starting in the laundry market segment and has expanded to incorporate Sodexo’s Healthcare and Corporate markets.

Currently, she leads a team of professionals who serve as the liaison between the business segments and Information Systems and Technology.

“As Sodexo North America’s first female, African-American VP of IT, Sonia Suber leads the way in breaking down barriers of both socio-political and corporate misperceptions of individual abilities to contribute value to the company organization and society,” Gerri Mason Hall, chief human resources officer of Sodexo’s North American operations, told WOC magazine. “I can say with absolute certainty that I would have benefited greatly from a mentor like Sonia.”

Recently, Suber served as the Executive Sponsor of the Washington, DC Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association

Through her leadership, the African American Leadership Forum raised more than $10,997 over a three month period in support of diabetes prevention and education, her LinkedIn page states.

“Sonia is looking to address the issues attendant to dealing with persons in the workplace who have diabetes by seeking to educate employers, she has been a vocal advocate for open dialogue and exchange. Sonia is also a diabetic, which lends this cause a personal dimension.”

Her honors & awards include the EFFIE Award for Career Achievement LSS-Yellow Belt Certification Woman of Color Special Recognition Award for Innovation and Technology


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Kim LambertMarch 29, 2018
7:48 am

Hi Sonia,
Thinking of you.
This article is wonderful !
Having known you for years this brings me such joy to see all your efforts recognized.
Miss seeing so many of you although I am enjoying my retirement.
Take care !
Kim Lambert (Retired Sodexo Corporate Receptionist)

Nancy CreaneyMarch 30, 2018
12:06 pm

Congratulations Sonia!! So proud of you and all you have contributed to our progress in Sodexo. Thanks for your contributions !!

Nancy Creaney
District Manager- Health Care

Brigette PhilpotApril 3, 2018
9:47 am

Sonia, I am honored to work with you at Sodexo. Your accomplishments are enviable & commendable, but your presence and your camaraderie are particularly valuable to our team, and for that we are grateful. I wish you continued success in your endeavors and this is one of many accolades to come.

Lorna FullerApril 4, 2018
8:01 am

Awesome news Sonia and so well deserved. Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know that hard work and dedication has a destination, it’s called success. Best of luck with your future endeavors and congratulation on your achievements. Keep going!

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