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WJZ, a local CBS station in Baltimore, announced Wednesday that it will be featuring unique stories to celebrate Black History Month. First up was how a once-segregated school that Thurgood Marshall attended is transforming into a cultural and community center.

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Joining WJZ, Rev. Al Hathaway, CEO of the Beloved Community Services Corporation, said his team won the award to redevelop the old public school in 2019.

“The community has many challenges. But one of the blessings this project will show is that you’re able to overcome,” he said on television.

According to the CBS Baltimore report, plans for the building include turning it into an interactive space with a host of exhibits, including a University of Maryland program, and STEM City metaverse.

STEM City is an interactive virtual community that provides professional development tools and resources. The digital community center is designed to bring the resources needed for educational, health, and career success into one place, and aims to close the economic divide that plagues underserved communities.

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