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Career Communications Group, Inc., a leading media company focused on promoting opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers, has announced a new and innovative digital center. The virtual community aims to close the digital divide that still plagues underserved communities.

“Even before the pandemic, two Americas existed,” said Tyrone Taborn, CEO of Career Communications Group in his comments on the digital divide.  “Millions of our nation’s youth lived on the sidelines denied full participation through a lack of high-speed broadband, hardware, meaningful digital content, and training.  The other America had access to high-speed internet, multiple computers, and wireless iPads” anytime and anywhere, he added. “Despite years of warning, the digital divide only widens. But out of that neglect, a new day is dawning with a city in the sky: STEM City USA.”

Powered by Career Communications Group, STEM City USA will build on its best practices and content, including the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) and Women of Color in Technology conferences, both of which operated in digital twin mode during the pandemic last year and in 2021.

Since the 1980s, Career Communications Group has worked to promote STEM as an integral part of global competitiveness and America’s advancement. Every year, Career Communications Group publications—US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine, Women of Color magazine, and Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine—reach thousands of people exposing them to role models in STEM fields, new horizons, and enhanced possibilities.

STEM City USA will successfully combine the physical and digital worlds with unique digital moments (DIM).  Experts in creating DIM experiences for audiences,  Career Communications Group’s STEM City USA is designed to provide up-to-date information on health, job training, professional mentoring, and lifestyle support. The DIMs are designed with rich content that delivers an immersive experience where people make up a diverse digital community.

The digital environment is a virtual development project, offering access to participating sponsors and creators. Content will run from value-added networking opportunities to live musical performances and will be distributed through various communities within STEM City USA designed to bring the resources needed for positive educational experiences, health outcomes, and career success in one place.

STEM City USA’s “City in the Sky” offers a public school space, health and tech nutrition information, a career center, professional seminars, weekly podcasts, and popular conference auditoriums and venues such as the STEMulating Lounge, Hall of Fame, and the Tribute Hall.

Other unique features include the opportunity to collect rewards throughout participation in different communities that members can later use for exclusive opportunities, such as a one-hour coaching session with a Fortune 500 executive.

In the coming weeks, STEM City USA will announce the founding members, committees, and a launch date for users. For more information on STEM City USA, watch our video here


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