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Over the weekend, Ty Oliver Taborn, the Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Career Communications Group, represented STEM City USA at the groundbreaking ceremony of the STEM City USA – Baltimore AI and Metaverse Training Center at PS 103.

Several notable figures attended the event, including Al Hathaway, who is the CEO of the Beloved Community Services Corporation and was wearing a yellow vest. Senator Ben Cardin stood on the reverend’s immediate right, while entrepreneur LaRian Finney stood on his left. Ty Oliver Taborn, who is the executive vice president and general counsel at Career Communications Group, represented STEM City USA and was positioned further to the right.

The center, which plans to revitalize the historic district, announced several months ago that a crew was preparing to break ground on the community center.

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The redevelopment of Public School (P.S.) 103, which burned in 2016, into the Thurgood Marshall Amenity Center is part of the project.

PS 103 School was developed by George Fredericks, who also designed the Baltimore City Hall. However, the school became famous when it was revealed that Thurgood Marshall attended the school as a young child.

The school gained recognition when it was revealed that Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, had attended the school as a young child.

The reverend, speaking on television, referred to Marshall as their native son and expressed a desire to celebrate his legacy.

Apart from teaching young people about ethics and the law, the city also intends to introduce an educational project focused on aviation, airport management, and hospitality.

Hathaway, one of the officials, mentioned that they plan to introduce people to STEM City and the metaverse, which are designed to provide professional development tools and resources through an interactive virtual community.

The digital community center aims to bring educational, health, and career success resources together in one place and is intended to bridge the economic divide that plagues underserved communities. The school is located on Division Street in West Baltimore, within the Old West Baltimore Historic District.


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