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Career Communications Group (CCG) and the Foundation for Educational Development (FEDI) have partnered with STEM City USA to launch an AI-powered digital library focused on the history of diversity in STEM.

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The project aims to make over fifty years of scientific and engineering knowledge available to the public and will be integrated within STEM City USA’s Metaverse ecosystem.

The digital library will consist of an extensive collection of materials from US Black Engineer, Hispanic Engineer, and Women of Color magazines, including text, videos, podcasts, and photos spanning five decades.

The platform will also support audio input from the user for advanced interaction and enhanced search capabilities. The initiative’s core objective is to create an accessible, immersive, and engaging user experience for STEM City USA’s diverse audience. The anticipated launch of the digital library is set for late 2023. For more information, please visit www.stemcityusa.com

STEM City USA, launched by Career Communications Group (CCG) in 2021, is a virtual community center that aims to provide K-12 students with the resources needed for career success.

By combining the physical and digital worlds, STEM City USA creates unique Digital in the Moments (DIM), which offer rich content and an immersive experience. The DIMs blend together to form a diverse digital community, helping to close the digital divide.

STEM City USA draws on the successful practices and content of the Black Engineer of the Year and Women of Color STEM conferences, which operated in digital twin environments in 2020-2021. As experts in creating DIM experiences, STEM City USA provides additional content surrounding health, training, mentoring, and lifestyle support.

CCG is dedicated to promoting STEM as an integral part of global competitiveness and America’s advancement. Their publications target students pursuing paths to STEM careers, exposing them to job horizons, professional life, and forward-thinking role models in STEM fields. The aim is to reach, engage, and retain diverse readers.

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