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Career Communications Group has announced that Publisher and CEO Tyrone Taborn will participate in the opening ceremony of the International Innovation Conference of Metaverse. Taborn will join global leaders to discuss emerging metaverse technologies.

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Recognized for his contributions to the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and his dedication to enhancing scientific and engineering literacy in minority communities, Taborn is a leading authority on how technology impacts business and society.

Over the past three years, STEM City USA has established partnerships to increase cooperation as the metaverse is multiplying. Taborn is the author of the forthcoming book “Metaquake USA: What the Metaverse is and how it will shape your future.” Taborn’s book will promote the significant achievements of diverse people in the foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and metaverse development led by global enterprises, capital, and governments.

The International Innovation Conference of Metaverse will take place on Thursday, September 15, in Shanghai, China.

The one-day event, which will be available online, is organized by the Shanghai Information Service Outsourcing Development Center and the Shanghai AI Association. Shanghai Economic and Information Commission guides the two organizers.

Co-organizers include the UNESCO World University Peace Ambassadors Foundation, the Solomon Digital Technology Industry Bureau, Shanghai Software Trade Development Alliance, and the Malaysia SWT Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The event is sponsored by the Solomon central, provincial government, Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Board, and Metaverse Sunday Fair.

During his speech, Taborn will share STEM City USA‘s metaverse vision and envision the future. Career Communications Group’s STEM City USA is an early adopter of tools in Web3.0 and has worked with local, state, and federal governments in the United States as various enterprises are actively laying out the ecology of the metaverse and the application scenarios of the metaverse are emerging, enabling the industrial innovation of thousands of industries.

STEM City USA is a leader in the educational technology metaverse, and our work enables innovation, focusing on the fields of culture, tourism, education, and trade. We look forward to discussing innovative scenarios with metaverse builders from various countries to jointly discuss the implementation of the application scenarios of virtual and real integration and decentralization of the metaverse.

STEM City USA combines the physical and digital worlds by creating unique digital in the moments (DIM). These DIMs are designed with rich content that delivers an immersive experience where all lives intersect and blend into a diverse digital community.

Founded and powered by Career Communications Group (CCG), STEM City USA builds on the successful best practices and proven content of the Black Engineer of the Year and Women of Color in Technology conferences, both of which operate in digital twin environments. www.stemcityusa.com

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