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STEM City USA has recently added the show ‘Chicken Boxx’ to its streaming lineup. Produced by Afro-American Newspapers, the show is a great fit for STEM City USA’s mission to offer diverse and dynamic content that both educates and entertains its audience.

Tyrone Taborn, the creator at STEM City USA, expressed his excitement about the new addition, saying that it’s a significant part of their growing portfolio of quality programming.

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STEM City USA is a virtual community founded in 2021 by Communications Group (CCG). It offers a wide range of content, including educational programming, live events, and interactive opportunities aimed at K-12 students, professionals, and underrepresented communities in STEM.

It has been recognized as a finalist for the “Best Metaverse Solution” award. STEM City USA combines the physical and digital worlds to create an immersive experience, fostering growth, networking, and professional development in the STEM sectors.

‘Chicken Boxx’ will be featured every Thursday at noon, offering viewers a unique blend of thought-provoking and entertaining content.

The show has established a substantial following through engaging discussions and diverse perspectives.

The partnership with STEM City USA marks a new chapter in the show’s journey, making it accessible to an even wider audience on our innovative digital platform.

Afro-American Newspapers is a respected name in media, known for creating content that resonates deeply with its viewers.

The streaming of ‘Chicken Boxx’ on STEM City USA reflects their commitment to adapting and evolving in the digital age. Viewers can watch ‘Chicken Boxx’ every Thursday at noon by visiting https://stemcityusa.com.

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