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This week, a big announcement was made on STEM City USA. The metaverse run by Career Communcations Group, Inc. now has its own digital currency. Tyrone Taborn, president of STEM City USA, said the metaverse must be built on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are units of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. Since it was established a year ago, STEM City USA has hosted hundreds of events.

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“No ecosystem can exist without its own currency,” said Jason Daniels, a past category award winner of the annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) program. “Digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, enables an ecosystem to exist by enabling internet commerce to be tied to real-world value,” he added.

“To catalyze the economy within the STEM City USA metaverse, we are proud to announce the creation of BEYAcoin. The BEYAcoin, which already exists, will act as the native token of the STEM City, BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Awards), and Women of Color metaverse,” Daniels said. “It will be used to transact on our platforms, given out as rewards to conference participants, and will provide actualized monetary value that can be exchanged for US dollars, real money.

“BEYAcoin will exist on the Solana blockchain, which is one of the fastest-growing, most efficient layers of blockchains in existence. We plan to catapult our platforms by using this technological evolution to empower each other. BEYAcoin will be available to buy, hold, trade, and interact on our platforms shortly. We are excited to place our hand in the history-changing technological movement.”

For more on cryptocurrency, click here to check out a free e-book, Beginner’s Guide to Crypto, on STEM City USA.

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