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Career Communications Group (CCG) has announced that aSTEAM Village will be holding an open house on Thursday, September 16th at 5 pm. The event will be streamed from the aSTEAM Village room in the Education Discovery Building on the STEM City USA platform.

Founded and powered by CCG, STEM City USA is designed to provide content surrounding health, training, mentoring, and lifestyle support. Click here to join STEM City USA.

The vision of the aSTEAM Village vision is to accomplish an expanded learning curriculum program in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM) for families in Kansas City, Missouri. The program serves students, parents, grandparents, and others in Kansas City and is designed to be replicated by other communities easily from all over the world.

Topics for discussion during Thursday’s event include “Diversity 101, Why STEM is Cool, Innovative Tech and the Future of Society” to name a few. The guest speaker is Justin Shaifer and the emcee will be Cynthia Newsome, with a special performance by Dominique Hammons. Shaifer is a television host, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) advocate, and a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology. Newsome is a news anchor for KSHB-TV as well as an award-winning journalist. Hammons specializes in contemporary/jazz and R&B.

Students will be enriched by this learning environment and become eager to participate in higher-level STEAM education tracks. Tracks that can lead these students to new career fields. STEM has always been an important field in order to advance the world and create real change.

According to Black USA News, Tyrone Taborn, founding CEO of Career Communications Group and chief content officer of STEM City USA,  has taken 21st-century technology, his in-depth knowledge of American history and culture, and produced his own virtual world.

“I am truly excited for all the people who will benefit from this modern community that we are building,” Taborn told Black USA News recently. “Specifically, it involves providing education and economic opportunity to at-risk or marginalized students. It has also created a way for us to create a digital closeness; not just distancing, but closeness. It has provided us an opportunity to see what was impossible – it is now possible. We’re at a place where we’re so in front of this, we want you to be on our journey.”



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