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In a few years, Metacruitment will be as much a mainstay as traditional recruitment tools like job advertisements in print and on social media, and in-person events such as career fairs, as well as community outreach. Unlike these tools, Metacruitment offers so much more as a platform hub that can strategically align and extend most efforts into one coherent and persistent campaign.

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Understanding mtacruitment starts with knowing what it is not. Metacruitment is not a static website where visitors research opportunities and submit resumes. Neither is metacruitment an extension of social media nor sites in virtual worlds. All of those, and more, might be components of Metacruitment, singularly they don’t make a Metacruitment platform.

Metacruitment is a combination of technologies that create a group experience that is immersive, interactive, and collaborative. It is ever-growing, coherent and persistent. Metacruitment is a digital twin that allows a hybrid recruitment campaign by combining digital and in-person.

More than a Fad

Metacruitment is not a fad. While it may not have been possible several years ago, It is likely to become the foundation for most brand strategies. What’s changed?

The first is capacity. There is now a critical user base with access to the infrastructural base to access Metacruitment platforms. Two, acceptance. The pandemic is largely responsible for the global uptick in the use of video communication for professional discourse. Three, familiarity. Companies and developments have rushed out the building blocks of Metacruitment that are user-friendly and familiar to hundreds of millions.

These reasons, and others, provide surety that Metacruiting, now in its infancy, is likely to grow in popularity as technology, software, and applications improve. Already we have seen significant successes in metacruiting because of the critical mass of individuals that have access to technology that empowers platforms. People are very comfortable with the new technology and have come to expect it as a regular part of their day-to-day communications.

10 Reasons Why Metacruiting is not a Fad

      • Relaxed Government regulations
      • Users have access to platforms
      • Users are familiar with the tools
      • Institutional acceptance
      • Lower recruitment costs
      • Greater organizational participation
      • Larger candidate pools
      • Shorter turnaround time
      • Career Privacy
      • Comfort and Ease
      • Reduced staffing

    Popular Metacruitment platforms

    Black Engineer of the Year
    Women of Color in Technology
    STEM City USA

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