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Tiffany Marr uses her technical experience and expertise to solve challenges and evolve the way business is done. Currently, she works as a program manager at Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS), supporting the Undersea Warfare business segment.

As an undergraduate, Tiffany found it difficult to juggle college with three jobs. In the end, she found her way while pursuing business and finance courses and went on to pursue an M.B.A. at the age of 21.

Tiffany also has a master’s degree in engineering management as well as a master’s degree in systems engineering. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Engineering. But having business and engineering experience truly gives her a leading edge in technology development and production.

Tiffany has supported the Fleet Ballistic Missiles program in studies that played a key role in supporting Nuclear submarines.  She has also fulfilled roles in propulsion, structures, ordnance, and controls systems as well as supporting Columbia Class submarine development.

She has also worked with the Digital Transformation team and served on Tiger Teams supporting field testing and piloting of new programs and initiatives that benefit all business Areas working to digitally evolve.

Tiffany has recently relocated to the Washington DC Metro area, supporting the Acoustic Rapid Commercial Off-the-Shelf Insertion (A-RCI) program.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has learned the importance of mentorship. While supporting the Cape Canaveral site in Florida, she stood up the first Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) Enterprise Resource Group at the Space Coast facility and served as the chair for several years.

During this time, she increased membership by an average of 50% year over year. The site piloted the “adoption” of a Foster Care Boys Group home in Cocoa Florida and coordinated Lockheed Martin Engineer-to-Youth peer mentoring, as well as monthly engagement with senior and executive leadership.

Growing up in the foster care system in Kansas, Tiffany lived in over 20 placements. Sometimes these included stays in maximum detention facilities when there was a shortage of homes. Tiffany also experienced periods of homelessness from the age of 12. But these challenges did not stop her from graduating at the top of her class. With the help of a social worker, Tiffany pursued emancipation and won, granting herself as a legal guardian at age 16.

Tiffany joined a Foster Care political action group during this time, and provided statements, testimonials and met with several local and state officials regarding Foster Care reform.

She was a key player in getting the Chafee Educational and Training Voucher Program passed through Congress, resulting in the current Foster Care Tuition Act. This Act allows support for foster care youth ages 14 to 26, allowing them to pursue post-secondary education and training with the provision of tuition support.


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