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With more than 30 years on the BEYA circuit, Dr. Kendall Harris, provost and vice president of academic affairs at Texas Southern University, is best positioned to talk about the value of the STEM Conference. Take a listen.

Growing NextGen Talent: “BEYA is building the next generation, the next generation that’s going to take our place. The next generation that’s going to take us to Mars. The next generation that’s going to explore the depths of the ocean. That’s what BEYA is all about: building on what we’re going to be. Not just next year, but for the next 50 years.”

Diversity: “The diversity of thought brings a diversity of new products, diversity of new ideas, and diversity that’s going to allow us to do next generation things.”

Mentoring Opportunities: “Take a chance and tell a young man or tell a young lady ‘this is how your resume should look. Or, your resume is looking great, but let me pull you in closer and make sure you don’t fall off the track.’”

‘After a 30-something career, I’m impressed’

One-of-a-kind Experience: “If your budget allows you to bring 20 (students), make sure you bring 30. If your budget says 30, make sure you bring 50. This is a one-of-a-kind type of place, where you’d never get this experience. If your students were here, they’d be rubbing shoulders with flag officers; they’ll be rubbing shoulders with SES (senior executive service) officers. They’ll be rubbing shoulders with the top echelon of our military. Where do you get that opportunity?”

Continuity: “We’re now 30-plus years doing BEYA; we want to ensure that we do 30-plus years more. Make sure you spread the word. Let someone else know what you saw. Because what you saw, you’ll see nowhere else.”

Learn more about BEYA’s Dr. Kendall Harris here.

Take a listen to The Value of BEYA.

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