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Sridevi Polavaram is a senior engineer specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) at The MITRE Corporation. At the 2024 BEYA Conference, she won the Senior Investigator award for her exceptional work in research and development.

She is a trailblazer in advancing fundamental scientific knowledge, discovering, developing, and implementing groundbreaking technologies that are revolutionizing our lives and work.

As a principal investigator, she focuses on responsible AI practices with a socio-technical context, developing counter-AI and machine-learning measures that benefit a range of users.

She joined MITRE in 2018 and spent the first year supporting the modernization of the Department of Defense’s intelligence communities.

During this time, she secured an interoperable and expandable enterprise data model for the readiness assessment of cloud-based services. The proposal won praise, and the team received an internal technical award.

Sridevi engages in talks and mentors in a male-dominated field, serving as an example of research leadership and professional excellence.

Her work ensures that AI systems are responsible and unbiased, breaking down barriers to equity. She is grateful to her MITRE colleagues, BEYA, and her family for their support.

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