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This May, USBE & Information Technology magazine is set to release an inspiring issue dedicated to honoring the significant contributions and steadfast supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) engineering programs.

A highlight of this issue will be the eagerly anticipated annual list of the Top Supporters of HBCU Engineering Schools, which showcases corporations, government agencies, and other entities that have played pivotal roles in enhancing the educational landscapes of these institutions.

Furthermore, the upcoming issue will feature a special segment celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering (AMIE).

AMIE has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusion within the engineering sector by fostering partnerships between the corporate world and HBCU engineering schools.

This feature will delve into the organization’s milestones and the impactful leadership of Veronica Nelson, Executive Director of AMIE, whose efforts have significantly shaped the initiative’s success over the decades.

In addition to the articles, the magazine cover will portray an engaging visual narrative that aligns with the theme of partnership and progress, designed to captivate and inform readers.

This issue serves as an informative resource helping to illuminate the vital work of HBCU supporters and AMIE’s pivotal role in the engineering community.

The content will undoubtedly resonate with a wide audience, from industry stakeholders to academic leaders, and play a part in fostering further support for HBCU engineering programs.

Upon release, the magazine will feature prominently on the front page of BlackEngineer.com, ensuring it receives maximum exposure before making way for other timely stories.

This placement will help maintain the visibility of HBCU contributions and achievements in the engineering field, encouraging continued support and recognition from the magazine’s diverse readership.


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