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Marsha Reeves-Jews, publisher and editorial director of We Keep It Moving (WKIM), will interview Marcia Chatelain, Ph.D., an author, and professor of history and African studies at Georgetown University at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, January 10. Recently, Dr. Chatelain was featured in a PBS documentary “Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union,” which traces American democracy from the Revolutionary War to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2020. Click here to register.

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Marsha’s conversation with Dr. Chatelaine will feature many of the issues raised in the documentary, including the future of civil rights, voter rights and rules, and the role of civics in fostering engaged and informed citizens. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Power in the Conference Room” on the STEM City USA platform.

Once you land on STEM City USA,  look for the big Welcome sign in the center of the page.  Click on the flashing white circle and you will be zoomed into the Deloatch Community Welcome Center. At the entrance of the center, click on the open door icon.  When inside the building, click on the open door icon below the Auditorium sign and join the virtual conversation.

Marsha has years of experience as a talk show host, including“Keep It Moving” with Marsha Jews on WEAA 88.9FM, a national public radio affiliate; and “The Marsha Jews Show on WHCR” at City College in Manhattan, New York.

A former associate publisher for Career Communications Group, Marsha has served as executive director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Foundation of Maryland, director of advertising at the Afro-American Newspaper, and vice president of operations for the Modern Day Marine Force in Readiness Military Exposition. Marsha is a member of the inaugural edition of Who’s Who in Black Baltimore. Take a listen here

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