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To mark the anniversary of the American Rescue Plan, the Department of Education has released a state-by-state analysis of the $2.7 Billion investment in historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). According to the statement, the funds were provided through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund over the past year. This infusion of federal funding complements other American Rescue Plan funds for critical institutions of higher education that serve communities of color.

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The American Rescue Plan requires half of these funds to be used to provide direct financial relief to students; the Department of Education said it expects far more will ultimately be used for that purpose. In addition to funding provided under coronavirus relief legislation, these funds are being used by colleges and universities across the country to serve students and ensure learning continues.

Thousands of colleges and universities all across the country are using HEERF to keep students enrolled and on track to graduate, as well as make college more affordable, by providing emergency grants, discharging outstanding student debt or unpaid balances, and eliminating transcript withholding practices.

American Rescue Plan Funding to the nation’s HBCUs.

Alabama: Over $334 million for 13 HBCUs
Arkansas: Nearly $61 million for 4 HBCUs
California: Over $13 million for 1 HBCU
Delaware: Nearly $36 million for 1 HBCU
District of Columbia: Over $88 million for 2 HBCUs
Florida: Over $156 million for 4 HBCUs
Georgia: Over $260 million for 8 HBCUs
Kentucky: Over $21 million for 2 HBCUs
Louisiana: Over $211 million for 6 HBCUs
Maryland: Over $153 million for 4 HBCUs
Mississippi: Over $237 million for 7 HBCUs
Missouri: Over $38 million for 2 HBCUs
North Carolina: Over $307 million for 10 HBCUs
Ohio: Over $34 million for 2 HBCUs
Oklahoma: Over $23 million for 1 HBCU
Pennsylvania: Over $25 million for 2 HBCUs
South Carolina: Nearly $112 million for 8 HBCUs
Tennessee: Over $133 million for 6 HBCUs
Texas: Nearly $304 million for 9 HBCUs
U.S. Virgin Islands: Over $12 million for 1 HBCU
Virginia: Over $141 million for 5 HBCUs
West Virginia: Over $28 million for 2 HBCUs

American Rescue Plan Funding to 15 ABET-accredited HBCUs.

1.Alabama A&M University: $60,120,210
2.Tuskegee University: $30,961,457
3.Howard University: $57,482,588
4.University of the District of Columbia: $30,918,101
5.Florida A&M University: $99,274,125
6.Southern University and A&M College: $64,130,696
7.Morgan State University: $61,889,348
8.University of Maryland ‐ Eastern Shore: $26,844,541
9.Jackson State University: $60,437,863
10.North Carolina A&T State University: $93,092,139
11.Tennessee State University: $58,594,818
12.Prairie View A&M University: $84,101,911
13.Norfolk State University: $52,248,428
14.Virginia State University: $39,482,142
15.Hampton University: $31,205,244

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