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Education advocates met at BCPS headquarters to discuss BEYA and its potential for inspiring BCPS students toward a brighter STEM-focused future.

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On September 29, 2023, a group of education advocates met at the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) Headquarters to discuss the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) conference.

The meeting aimed to introduce the conference to BCPS students and explore ways to get them more involved in the upcoming 2024 BEYA conference.

Tyrone Taborn, Superintendent Dr. Myriam Roger, and Senator Brooks

Senator Benjamin Brooks welcomed the attendees and set the tone for the discussion. The meeting focused on reintroducing BEYA to BCPS students and guiding them toward success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Tyrone Taborn, Career Communications Group CEO and the visionary behind the BEYA conference, talked about the vital role BEYA plays in providing BCPS students with tools and resources within the STEM ecosystem.

Taborn also presented his vision for the future of STEM education, emphasizing emerging technology trends, particularly prompt engineering for AI. He discussed the potential for BCPS to lead in preparing its students for the careers of tomorrow.

Taborn invited Superintendent Dr. Myriam Rogers to attend the forthcoming BEYA conference and engage directly with BCPS students and educators.

He also proposed presenting teacher awards at the conference and fostering student-mentor partnerships with BCPS students and STEM leaders.

Tony Baysmore, Tyrone Taborn, and Senator Brooks

Key figures, including Dr. Rogers, Dr. Melissa DiDonato, and Dr. Michael Grubbs, received informational materials providing insights into BEYA’s mission and activities.

The upcoming AI-powered Digital STEM Library and STEM City USA Metaverse Platform were discussed, promising to revolutionize how BCPS students access and engage with STEM resources.

The AI-powered library will provide students with cutting-edge educational materials, while the Metaverse Platform will create immersive learning experiences in the digital realm.

Reviewing STEM City USA Metaverse Platform

Dr. Rogers expressed her appreciation for BEYA’s work and her desire to forge a deeper connection between BCPS and BEYA, empowering BCPS students in the STEM sphere.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to fostering collaboration between BEYA and Baltimore County Public Schools. This united effort holds the potential to inspire, empower, and elevate BCPS students toward a brighter, STEM-focused future.

As the dialogue between BEYA and BCPS deepens, it’s clear that a transformation in STEM education is on the horizon, one that will shape the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators.

The alliance forged on September 29, 2023, may be remembered as a catalyst for a new era in Baltimore County’s educational landscape.

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