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Tuskegee University offers summer programs for high school students, college students, and teachers who want to expand their knowledge and experience in their fields of study and future careers. The programs cover a range of subjects and are constantly updated. Below is a summary of the programs offered, program dates, and application deadlines. (Photo Contributor Daisy Daisy, Shutterstock.com)


The AgriTREK/SciTREK/AgDiscovery program is a two-week residential program for High School students in grades 9-11. These programs provide hands-on research opportunities, leadership development, and personal enrichment activities to create awareness of the educational opportunities available in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics (STEAM) and related areas. The program runs from June 11-24, 2023, and it is sponsored by the College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences.

Join the CISC Summer Experience Internship Program if you are a college student who aims to become a future farmer or agricultural specialist. The program will run from June 5 to June 28, 2023. The program is sponsored by the Carver Integrative Sustainability Center (CISC), the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences, and the 2FAS Program.

If you are a high school or middle school educator with an interest in food and agriculture, the Ag Immersion Program is an excellent opportunity for you. This unique program will teach you about digital agriculture and provide you with the necessary tools to combine agriculture and computer science. The program runs from July 17 to July 21, 2023. The College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) sponsors this program.

Alabama Youth Institute is a one-day program that allows high school students to interact with local leaders and experts on global problems. Students will engage in hands-on activities aimed at exploring ways to make a difference in Alabama and globally. Each student who participates is eligible for access to all-expenses-paid international internships and paid summer research or policy placements. The program will run on June 23, 2023. It is sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Program at CAENS.

The Summer Enrichment Program (SERP) is an ideal program for college students interested in veterinary medicine. The one-month program runs from May 30 to June 30, 2023. The program is sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tuskegee University offers various programs for high school students and teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills in STEM fields. The Genomics & Biotechnology Workshop targets science teachers and introduces them to concepts and advanced technologies in plant genomics and biotechnology.

The CISC Summer Experience is an internship program for high school students who aspire to be future farmers or agricultural specialists. The Geospatial Education and Training (GET) Workshop is a 2-day workshop that provides geospatial training to teachers from local minority high schools and community colleges.

The ITEST Alabama (STEM Summer Academy) is a 4-week non-residential program for teachers interested in incorporating next-generation technologies into their classrooms.

Other programs include FASTREC/MITE, MITAS, Forestry & Natural Resources (FNR)-TREK, PACT, Vet Step I and II, and Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers Teacher Workshop. Each program has different dates, application deadlines, and sponsors. Click here for more information.

Join Howard University’s School of Business Summer Enrichment Programs from Sunday, July 16, 2023, to Friday, July 21, 2023, and get introduced to college life, teamwork, and the fundamentals of Accounting, Information Systems, Actuarial Science, and Entrepreneurship.

The program offers an excellent opportunity for students to explore careers and gain professional development skills. The curriculum includes classroom learning from the School of Business faculty, company site visits, and group presentations, which will prepare you with practical skills and critical thinking abilities for your future academic and professional endeavors.

The Summer Enrichment Program is an in-person week-long experience on campus, free of cost. Choose one of the four distinctive tracks: Accounting, Information Systems, Actuarial Science, and Entrepreneurship.

Each track offers valuable exposure to important business topics and analysis methods from Howard University School of Business professors and professionals in the field. Throughout the program, students will be placed in groups to create a business or product that solves a problem in their respective fields.

The HUSB Summer Enrichment Application is open to 10th and 11th-grade high school students. To excel in the Accounting Program, you will need skills such as problem-solving, attention to detail, math/numeracy skills, self-motivation, finance skills, analytical ability, computer skills, and communication and interpersonal skills. In the Actuarial Science Program, math/numeracy skills, problem-solving, self-motivation, computer skills, analytical ability, and communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

The Entrepreneurship Program requires skills such as attention to detail, self-motivation, time management, communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, resilience, and strategic thinking. For the Information Systems Program, you will need computer skills, social media knowledge, problem-solving skills, analytical ability, project management, and communication and interpersonal skills.

To be eligible for this program, you must be a high school student entering your junior or senior year with excellent grades. You must also have strong recommendations from teachers or guidance counselors. Click here to register.

Alabama A&M University offers various summer programs and camps to students interested in academic enrichment and personal development. These programs provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on projects, gain academic support, and engage in cultural enrichment activities.

Some of the programs include the P.A.W.S. Summer Program, N.D.E.P. Summer Research Internship, Forestry, Ecology, Wildfire, & Fire Apprentice Program, GE Foundation High School S.T.E.M. Experience, Trio Summer Academy, Spins Summer Enrichment Program, L.S.A.M.P. Summer Computing Program, Family & Child Welfare Title IV-E Focus Camp, and Future Technologies and Enabling Plasma Processes (FTPP AL) Summer Internships.

Each program has unique benefits such as free on-campus room and board, a stipend upon completion, experiential learning, and certifications. Interested students can contact the program coordinators for more information on how to enroll. Click here to learn more.




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