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During BEYA week, several employees from Jacobs Solutions were celebrated for their leadership and commitment to uplifting communities where they live and work. In his role with environmental solutions and Harambee, Nathaniel “Nate” Price is at the heart of activities that are helping to enhance opportunities for minorities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

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BEYA’s educational leadership – corporate promotion of education award is presented to executives who demonstrate a strong commitment to preserving engineering, scientific, and technical education programs, and enhancing STEM opportunities through outreach activities.

Price has worked with senior leadership to increase engagement with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), minority-serving, and Hispanic-serving institutions, focusing on a diverse pool of interns and graduates. He is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment by mentoring a diverse team of technical professionals.

“Be the change you seek,” Price said in his speech as he received the educational leadership award. “This principle has driven my passion for helping the next generation of STEM professionals. In eighth grade, a Black male transportation engineer presented to my class and inspired me to pursue civil engineering. That passion was further sparked by by my mom, who brought me to BEYA in high school. Representation is necessary, and we must demonstrate what is possible; lifting and supporting one another and breaking down barriers is how we create diversity in these fields.”

Ronald Wallace, senior vice president of operations support at Jacobs, presented the award to Price at the BEYA gala.  In his introduction, Wallace said he was proud to represent the technical professional services firm at an event celebrating the best and brightest in STEM, bringing together the Department of Defense, industry, and academia. In addition, Wallace, a proud Marine and alum of Virginia State University, praised several Jacobs programs that fostered diversity and inclusion.

The programs include Together Beyond, which Wallace described as “the backbone of the company’s culture of belonging.” Jacobs also launched an action plan for advancing justice and equality. The five-year program aims to recruit and develop the best Black talent and contribute to society.

Through the strategic action plan, Jacobs is investing $10 million in scholarships, sponsorships, donations, and partnerships that are making a real difference. One example is Huntsville, Alabama’s Drake Street Community and Technical College partnership. In addition, Jacobs donated $200,000 to create a scholarship fund for the Frontiers Research Program. Jacobs is also mentoring students who hope to one day help NASA develop habitats on the moon.


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