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Bianca J. Jackson recently wrote an article about her experience with TMCF’s MetaScholars Program and its impact on the metaverse. She shares her involvement with the project, which has empowered five historically Black college and university students and shaped their lives.

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As a metaverse strategy consultant, Web expert, public speaker, project manager for a Pulitzer Prize-winning metaverse project, and creative director for the BrickRose Exchange, Jackson offers insight into the world of MetaScholars and the metaverse.

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) established the MetaScholars program, powered by Campus ONE, to equip individuals from HBCUs and TMCF Member predominantly Black institutions with the necessary skills and mindset to succeed in the metaverse.

The program recognizes the historical significance of underrepresented communities in each transformative revolution and aligns with the vision of Career Communications Group CEO  Tyrone Taborn for equitable involvement and diverse perspectives in building the metaverse.

MetaScholars offers an immersive educational experience that fosters entrepreneurship and prepares students for success in the metaverse. The curriculum is designed to equip students with technical knowledge, creative problem-solving abilities, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Through immersive experiences and tailored developmental activities, participants gain hands-on experience navigating and harnessing the vast opportunities within this digital realm. They delve into the decentralized economy that underpins the metaverse and learn design thinking and pitching skills to craft compelling narratives and bring their ideas to life.

The MetaScholars program has transformed its participants’ understanding and helped them imagine new ways of scaling entrepreneurial ideas and pitching them. The program empowers participants with the skills and knowledge to seize the opportunities within the Metaverse and make an impact in this dynamic digital landscape.

MetaScholars’ participation is further amplified by its recognition in Tyrone Taborn’s MetaQuake USA, which explores the societal impact of the metaverse and emphasizes the importance of equitable involvement, particularly from Black and minority communities.

Read Empowering Future Leaders: Investing in TMCF’s MetaScholars Program and Shaping the Metaverse Revolution on LinkedIn.

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