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During Black History Month, Whirlpool Corp. announced two partnerships supporting students at Florida A&M University. The company also partnered with a program at the joint Florida A&M University and Florida State University College of Engineering.

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According to the press release, the Educating Engineering Students Innovatively (EESI) program will be supported through scholarships and mentorship. Led by Dr. Charmane Caldwell, EESI is designed to motivate undergraduate engineering students — allowing students to practice engineering while exploring industry, entrepreneurship and innovation, community engagement, and research.

Whirlpool Corp. also partnered with the Southern Scholarship Foundation to sponsor the housing of 51 Florida A&M University students on the school’s campus. The foundation provides rent-free housing and cooperative living opportunities for students. Whirlpool Corp.’s work with the Southern Scholarship Foundation will help alleviate part of the annual cost of higher education for students of diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Doug Haaland, vice president of global talent management at the global kitchen and laundry company, said Whirlpool was excited to play a role in educating students because innovation lives in places like the classrooms at Florida A&M University.

Both partnerships align with Whirlpool Corp.’s multi-year racial equality and fairness pledge announced in 2020, creating opportunities to employ interns and graduates of diverse backgrounds. The Diversity Actions and Goals include developing a relationship with at least three historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and leveraging the internal alumni network.

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