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Francois Ntone, a senior technical advisor  for computational and experimental fluid dynamics at Cummins Inc., received the Senior Investigator Award at the 2020 BEYA STEM Conference.

Dr. Ntone’s work at the heavy equipment and automotive leader has helped transform processes for the development of air handling, cooling, and lube systems. He also made advances to modeling approaches for the design of cleaner and more efficient diesel and natural gas combustion systems.

In his community, Dr Ntone has helped many young adults pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with free tutoring. Through coaching and guidance, he has had an impact on the careers of many engineers in the United States and abroad.

“As a child, I suspected I would one day become a civil engineer, because that was my father’s dream for me,” he said in his acceptance speech at the BEYA STEM Conference. “In college, I developed a strong interest in fluid dynamics and opted for mechanical engineering instead,” he added. “In graduate school, I discovered computational fluid dynamics, an area of intensive research at the time, which then became my passion,” he continued.

“When I joined Cummins, Inc. after completing my doctoral studies, I used my skills to introduce new capabilities that provided previously unavailable insights into engine physical processes. I built my career on advancing those capabilities to facilitate product development for my company, and I’m honored to be recognized for it,” he said.

Dr. Ntone joined the global power leader in 1987 after obtaining a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Clemson University, with a specialty in computational fluid dynamics.

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