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BEYA provides access to the largest employers of Americans in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The 2020 career event will take place in the nation’s capital Feb. 13-15 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC. Seminars at the BEYA Conference focus on STEM workforce solutions and opportunities that boost careers and take skills to the next level.

BEYA seminars cover various topics, including diversity and inclusion, leadership and training.

  • The Leadership and Diversity Management workshop series is designed to enhance core leadership and diversity management skills. Emerging and experienced leaders will benefit from exposure to a range of leadership and management styles and strategies for unlocking innovation and inspiring commitment to the organization’s vision.
  • The Personal and Professional Development track focuses on an individual’s personal and professional enhancement needs. Attendees increase the effectiveness in managing customer needs, organizing and interpreting business data, improving analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and in tuning in to key organizational priorities.
  • Technical workshops help both new and seasoned professionals who are looking to improve their strategic thinking skills by understanding the diverse landscape of critical technology and business topics.
  • Pre-Professional Seminars are designed for college-level and new professionals and aimed at increasing professional, personal, and leadership skills. Topics aid in career development and corporate readiness, with attendees exploring presentation techniques, business etiquette, image building, networking, organizational politics, and team dynamics.
  • The CCG JobMatch Program is a soft-skills training program providing certification to demonstrate that you have the skills employers need. Course work covers topics that include interpersonal skills, teamwork, and team building, handling multi-generational challenges, and business etiquette.

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BEYA STEM Global Competitiveness Conference
February 13-15, 2020
Washington Marriott Wardman Park
Washington, DC

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