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Kelven O’Dale Satterfield was the second son of three for James, who served as a pastor for over 50 years, and Wilma, a grade school teacher. Growing up in the 70s in Dixon, Mississippi, life revolved around church, academics, and four sports. O’Dale also dreamed of one day being able to provide for his family just as his best friend’s father did as an engineer with Gulf Oil. “And that’s why I became an engineer,” he said.

At the BEYA STEM Conference in February, O’Dale received the 2022 Dr. Lydia Thomas Legacy Award. Over 23 years with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, he has served as a quality leader, business center manager, chief engineer, and now global uniformity program manager.

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Through engineering, he has channeled his energies and creativity into a field that impacts his family’s life and helps his community. He has also represented Goodyear’s values by leading his team and changing for the better the lives of those he has had the opportunity to lead and serve while participating fully in community outreach. His efforts have developed leaders at many levels and helped improve customer satisfaction with Goodyear’s products.


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