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The Conference Board, a think tank that delivers insights for what’s ahead, says American workers are feeling better about their jobs.  The top drivers of job satisfaction for both women and men include the potential for future growth, communication channels, and recognition/acknowledgment.

But according to the Job Satisfaction 2019 survey,  over 60 percent are feeling dissatisfied with recognition practices, the performance review process, and communication channels.

The Conference Board analyzed the extent to which each aspect influences their satisfaction. In other words, which aspects are the strongest drivers with the most weight and pull. Takeaways include:

  • Potential for future growth matters most.
  • Wages rank only 10 out of 23 drivers of satisfaction.
  • Commutes don’t matter much.

Workers are least satisfied with their bonus plan, followed by the promotion policy, the performance review process, educational/job training programs, recognition/acknowledgment, and communication channels.

“In today’s strong job market, people are quitting their current positions at the fastest pace in over two decades,” said Gad Levanon, Ph.D., an author of the report and The Conference Board Chief Economist for North America. “It’s one of the many signs that illustrate improved opportunities for workers. They now have more leverage when it comes to increasing their paychecks and finding jobs that better align with their interests and skills.”

Usually more inclined to switch jobs, men are more satisfied with financial drivers such as wages, promotion policy, and bonus plan. People at work, workload, communication channels, and work/life balance have a greater effect on satisfaction for women.

To improve the drivers and influence of job satisfaction, those responsible for maintaining employee satisfaction at their organizations are advised to consider the following actions:

    1. Implement or enhance a total talent mobility program to demonstrate growth potential to employees
    1. Consider the transparency of communication channels and determine whether to make improvements
    1. Create or enhance an employee recognition program
    1. Ask employees, whether they are inspired by their performance reviews
    1. Monitor and decrease employee workload when necessary to foster improved work/life balance

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