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David Steward, a Black billionaire renowned in the technology sector, along with Linda Gooden and ten other distinguished Black Engineer of the Year Honorees, united under the visionary leadership of Tyrone Taborn, the creator of STEM City USA. They collectively answered Taborn’s call to join as founders of this transformative initiative.

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Unified by a Common Vision: The Founding of STEM City USA

Each founder, an accomplished Black Engineer of the Year Honoree, brought their unique expertise and experiences to the table. Their collective aim was clear: to revolutionize STEM education and make it universally accessible, especially to underrepresented communities. Under Tyrone Taborn’s guidance, this team of luminaries embarked on the journey to create STEM City USA.

The AI 3D Library: A Testament to Collaborative Innovation

Central to the success of STEM City USA is its AI 3D Library, an embodiment of the founders’ shared commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for educational advancement. This innovative library uses artificial intelligence to tailor and enhance the learning experience, making STEM subjects more engaging and accessible.

Impacting Education and Championing Diversity

The collective efforts of Steward, Gooden, the other honorees, and Taborn have significantly impacted the landscape of STEM education. By focusing on diversity and inclusion, they have opened up new pathways for black individuals and other minorities in STEM fields, breaking down traditional barriers and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Reach and Deepening Impact

As they move forward, the founders, all esteemed Black Engineer of the Year recipients, are dedicated to broadening the scope and impact of STEM City USA. Their ongoing commitment is to ensure that the benefits of STEM education are available to all, inspiring future generations of diverse STEM professionals.

A Legacy of Excellence and Inclusion

The legacy of David Steward, Linda Gooden, and all the founders, united by Tyrone Taborn’s vision, extends beyond their individual achievements. Together, they have created a platform that not only educates but also empowers, serving as a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of STEM education.

In responding to Tyrone Taborn’s call to join as founders of STEM City USA, these Black Engineer of the Year Honorees have demonstrated the power of unity, expertise, and dedication in crafting a more equitable and educated world. Their joint efforts in STEM City USA stand as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved through collective action and visionary leadership in the field of STEM.

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