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Recently, Alabama A&M University (AAMU)  students attended the 2022 Gulf Coast Student Symposium of the American Society of Civil Engineers. ASCE is the largest civil engineering organization in the United States. (Photo courtesy of AAMU News).

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According to AAMU, students participated in five competitions, including a transportation crash investigation project,  and solutions for a tiny house project to incorporate sustainability into everyday problems that engineers come across.

Thanks to the efforts of team members Tayana Williams (senior), Taria Smith (junior), Autumn Moore (junior), Ka’lex Hayes (junior), Indya Wright (senior), Norman Anthony Ross (senior), Genesaret Brown (senior), and Patrick Azubuike (senior), the AAMU chapter received its first award.

“This award is the first ASCE award that our chapter has ever won,” Dr. Pooja Preetha said in a statement. Preetha is an assistant professor of environmental and water resources engineering, who serves as the ASCE student chapter advisor. Dr. Mohamed Ashour, professor of geotechnical engineering and a strong ASCE student chapter supporter, is the coordinator for the civil engineering department.

The Award mission statement reads: “The University is dedicated to providing a student-centered educational environment for the emergence of scholars, scientists, leaders, and critical thinkers, who are equipped to excel through their contributions and leadership in the 21st century national and global society.”

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