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Of the more than 100,000 architects in the United States, there are currently 2325 licensed African American architects in the Directory of African American Architects. Co-founded by a University of Cincinnati professor and Professor Bradford Grant, the directory helps promote an awareness of who African American architects are.

Professor Grant has been in leadership roles at Hampton and Howard universities as chairperson, director, associate dean and interim dean. According to a February 2020 announcement, he was one of five recipients of a Course Development Prize.

Professor Grant’s winning course proposal is designed to help students develop an understanding of the role of the architect, the public, and the government in ensuring that climate change and climate justice become essential factors in planning and design.

In June, Grant was named the National Portrait Gallery’s first Instagram-artist-in-residence. His sketches on “the American story” premiered on the museum’s Instagram @smithsoniannpg.

Also in June, the Hampton University Department of Architecture hosted its 2nd Annual Summer Design Camp  or “Archi Camp”  online.

Archi Camp is described as an introduction for middle school students to the world of architecture. This program also hopes to inspire more young students of color to apply to architecture schools.

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