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The BEYA Metaquake Symposium kicks off Thursday, February 2. The event brings together educators, researchers, business professionals, artists, gamers, and writers to explore opportunities in the metaverse. Click here to register.

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The symposium will provide a space to learn from experts and foster connections within the worlds of technology, business, education, and government. The event will offer industry insights into technologies that are the foundation of the metaverse, which include cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, gaming, VR/AR, and Web3.

“We want to answer the questions most people ask when they hear about the metaverse: what is the metaverse and what does that mean for me?” said a Career Communications Group (CCG) spokesperson. “We’re proud to annex the BEYA Pre-College program to anchor this event where the youth will learn about the metaverse and the tools used to create metaverses. We will, in addition to the traditional program, engage students in a scholastic metaverse building competition which will culminate into a metaverse hackathon.”

The two-day event is for anyone who is curious about the metaverse and wants to engage in discussions designed to expand your knowledge, identify your points of entry in this emerging technology, and understand how your future may evolve.

It’s for educators and students, and organizations that are exploring or engaging teams to develop and implement metaverse strategies. It’s for individuals who want to know how metaverse strategies can disrupt a carefully planned career trajectory. It’s for anyone who grapples with the jargon of the metaverse and wishes to gain a base knowledge that they can build on.

Seminars will be hosted by the American Society Of Naval Engineers, The Boeing Company, Career Communications Group (CCG), General Dynamics, HII, General Motors, the Patriots Technology Training Center,  Summit Scholars, and the University of the District of Columbia. Click here to learn more.

Seminars include the BEYA Pre-College Program and 8-12 Hackathon, as well as:

  • Putting A Spin On STEM: The Importance Of Soft Skills
  • E-Sports Gaming—Do You Have Game? Bring It – Patriots Training Center
  • Biomedical Careers—Is There A Doctor In The House? Patriots Training Center
  • The Boeing Company: Project Whirly Bird
  • Financial Aid 101: How To Afford College And Achieve Your Dreams
  • Cyber Security: Safeguarding Democracy And Securing Employment
  • SAT Prep: Winning Test-Taking Strategies
  • Getting Accepted: Mastering The College Admission Process
  • Roundtable/Mentoring Session
  • The Skilled Technical Workforce: America’s Blue Collar STEM Workforce
  • Intro To Patents: Intellectual Property For Students
  • A Conversation With The Future
  • The future runs on STEAM… Are you In?
  • Are You LinkedIn Or Linked Out?

The Alumni Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will wrap up the symposium. Click here to learn more

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