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Captain Kimberly Jones, a trailblazer in the United States Navy, is the first African American woman to be a reactor officer on a U.S. aircraft carrier. She is presently serving on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. She is also the only African American woman to be an officer in charge at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. She is the sixth African American woman to serve as the commanding officer of a U.S. naval warship.

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“Twenty-three years ago, when I signed up for the Navy, I did not know it would take me to serve on six warships, including three aircraft carriers, from the western Pacific to my backyard in the mid-Atlantic region. I did not know I would still be on this journey, this ride.”

Computer scientist Herman Moore also received a Professional Achievement Award recently. He is a leader and technical developer for the Army Facilities Components System project at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC).

Moore started his career at ERDC in 1996 and earned his master’s degree in computer science in 2004. He is an expert in his field and actively mentors junior scientists to advance the mission.

Moore advises engineers to identify their strengths and weaknesses and seek knowledge and wisdom from peers and doctrine where needed.

“Numbers have always fascinated me,” said Moore. “The advancements and achievements within the computer science environment have allowed mathematics to be far more advanced, but simplified using software and programmatic language.”

He advises engineers just beginning a career to identify strengths and weaknesses.

“In areas where more strength is required, seek knowledge and wisdom from your peers as well as doctrine,” Moore said. “Working at ERDC has offered me exciting challenges within my career, and collaborating with brilliant minds and solving various challenges has enlightened me.”

BEYA recipients are individuals who have been inspired by their families, friends, and faith. Cleophus Thomas, the current vice president and director of operations at Jacobs’s global digital center of excellence, embodies the BEYA motto, “Becoming Everything You Are.”

As a father, husband, Soldier, mentor, and corporate executive, Thomas spent twenty-five years in the military and was responsible for thousands of service members in cyber security missions protecting the nation’s most precious assets.

He has also made a significant impact in his community by developing equity and mentorship programs, one of which was providing scholarships to minority musicians in memory of his son.

In his award acceptance speech, Thomas dedicated his award to the service members and civilians who supported him throughout his military career and to his loved ones who helped him navigate life’s challenges.

“I dedicate this award to the many service members and civilians who supported my 25 years in the United State Army. Every story includes disappointment, tragedy, pain, and loss, like the loss of my father, 17-year-old son, and mother. She would always say a little Black boy from Alabama worked for President Obama. She was so very proud.”

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