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November 8 is STEM Day, but Career Communications Group’s K-12 program, Becoming Everything You Are (BEYA) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Career Day, plans to make it a week-long celebration. On Saturday, Nov.13, BEYA STEM Career Day will mark its first anniversary.

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Career Communications Group (CCG) and its partners have been helping K-12 students explore careers in STEM for more than 40 years. In March 2020, CCG launched STEM City USA, a metaverse platform that has become the online home of BEYA STEM Career Day.

BEYA STEM Career Day teaches young people about hidden figures in STEM and modern-day innovators. The events also share information about technology in our daily lives, such as GPS, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), virtual reality (AR), augmented reality (AR), quantum computing, and the electric vehicle (EV).

BEYA STEM Career Day on Saturday, November 13 will feature Derek Bailey. The founder and CEO of Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. recently announced that they are building a new EV concept for cars that will use gas-to-electric technology to recharge while on the go.

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When: Saturday, November 13, 2021
Time: 12 pm -2pm EST
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