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Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College has become a Silver member with America Makes, the first historically black college and university (HBCU)  in the public-private partnership for additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology research and innovation.

As a public-private partnership, America Makes is comprised of more than 180 member organizations, bringing together technical minds from government, industry, and academia to create a hub of advanced manufacturing innovation.

The multi-agency collaboration among industry, universities, and government partners is led by the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Defense, Education, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. Since its inception five years ago, America Makes has managed a $100M technology R&D and workforce portfolio, funding 66 projects.

“We are committed to connecting leading companies through America Makes to Southern University students,” explains Byron Clayton, president, and CEO of Research Park Corporation.

Dr. Clayton has more than 25 years of C-level experience developing and commercializing advanced manufacturing systems and software for production plants across North America.

Research Park Corporation, an economic development conglomerate, helps Louisiana-based companies create the jobs of the future.

Research Park, a subsidiary of Nexus LA, worked with Michael Stubblefield, Southern University A&M College vice chancellor for research and strategic initiatives, to forge the partnership with America Makes.

Driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, America Makes is the national accelerator for additive manufacturing.

The center’s Manufacturing USA Network is connected to a quarter of a million manufacturing firms in the U.S. The network is operated by the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office,  headquartered in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NIST  works with industry and science to advance innovation and improve quality of life.

The Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office operates in partnership with the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Departments of Education, Agriculture, and Labor.

America Makes is managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory under the Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program through the defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology Program—OSD, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy.

 “Throughout the past five years, the America Makes team has created a collaborative environment that has started to bring technology advancements from the lab to the factory floor, produce more competitive products, and reaffirm the United States’ place of leadership in the global manufacturing market,” said Tracy Frost, director, DoD Manufacturing USA Institutes, and acting director, DoD ManTech Program.


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