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Tuskegee University announced this week that researchers in the College of Engineering and the College of Veterinary Medicine have been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an innovative filtration system design for improved water filtration. Dr. Vijay Rangari and his team found a way for the system to recycle water from wastewater sources — including petroleum-containing water.

Through his team’s efforts, Rangari has received federal research grants for breakthrough scientific discoveries, and outstanding discovery innovations. Click here to find out more about this new technology.
Earlier this year, Rangari was selected by Tuskegee’s vice president of research to represent the university as an Innovation Award winner at the BEYA STEM Conference and to share the research he’s been working on in the BEYA Hall of Innovation.

The Hall of Innovation featured a museum-style installation that presents an institution’s research to BEYA attendees including students, professionals, and major corporations. BEYA’s Thursday schedule ​focused on research in American institutions and culminated in “An Evening with BEYA’s Leading Voices” featuring tech talks and the presentation of the STEM Innovations Awards by Dr. Victor McCrary and his co-host, Angela Stribling.

BEYA is looking to bring to the community information about vital research at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The organizers said that in the spirit of the National Science Foundation mission, they hope to showcase work that “promotes the progress of science, advances the national health, prosperity, and welfare, and secures the national defense.”

Sponsors include Fortune 500 companies, who provide support for university research endeavors, enhance the quality of research projects in research centers, and contribute towards competitive excellence.

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